Women Write the Body

Join me and The Art of Infertility project for a writing workshop, June 14, 1-3.

Women Write the Body

How can you use writing to talk about the body?  To express what has been silenced?  To explore what it means to be female?  To grieve bodily traumas and losses?  To celebrate its triumphs?  Its fallibilities and quirks?  The Art of Infertility project invites you to address these questions in a writing workshop led by Robin Silbergleid.  In this two-hour workshop, we will read and discuss short pieces of writing by published writers as well as produce writing of our own.  No formal experience in writing is necessary; we welcome women-identified writers of all stages.

You can learn more about The Art of If here.  Or follow on Twitter #artofif or @artofif

email me at silberg1 (at) msu (dot) edu or Elizabeth at inf0 (at) artofinfertility (d0t) org  for more information or to register

The event is tentatively slated for MSU Wells Hall 607, 619 Red Cedar Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824.  Check back for updates!

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