Poems, Essays, and Miscellany

Here’s a sampling of my work you can find easily online.  Other stuff available if you have access to Project Muse.


Poems/Things Mostly in Lines

“Malignant”  in Rattle (includes audio!)

“An Open Letter to Our Sperm Donor” in Rattle (includes audio!)

“Self-Portrait with Head and Hands, 1951”in  Switchback

“From the Diary of a Labor and Delivery Nurse” in Hospital Drive

“Three Aprils” in Hospital Drive

“After the Miscarriage, My Doctor Speaks” in The Prose-Poem Project

“Bird Songs” in The Prose-Poem Project

“The Childless Woman Tries on a Pair of Go-Go Boots” in The Prose-Poem Project

“A Poem for My Son on His Due Date” in Fertile Source

“Miscarriage (III)” in Fertile Source



Pregnant Pauses: Rereading Carole Maso’s Room Lit by Roses” in Fourth Genre

The Mother” in Pithead Chapel

“The Essay: An Essay” in Cactus Heart

Postpartum” in  Literary Mama

“Spin” in Junk: A Literary Fix (otherwise known as Ceiling Fans are EVIL)

“The Donor Egg Essay” in Frontiers

“The Childless Women Remember Being Fourteen” in Cactus Heart (Pushcart Prize nomination!!)

“Lost and Found” and “Choice” in Toska

“Crowning” in The Citron Review


Miscellaneous Rants and Social Commentary

“Secondary Infertility and Infertility a Second Time” ART of If blog (May 2016)

“On Being White and Raising a Son” Role Reboot (December 2015)

Living and Writing in the Aftermath” ART of If blog (June 2015)

On Being a Mother Despite Infertility” Role Reboot (May 2015)

The Cold Hard Truth About Egg FreezingRole/Reboot (November 2014)

When You Have An Infertile Friend: A Thank YouRole/Reboot (online, April 2014)

What Does a Family Look Like?Role/Reboot (online, Feb 2014)

Why Young Women Should Consider Single MotherhoodRole/Reboot (online, Fall 2013)

Why I Became a Single Mother By ChoiceRole/Reboot (online, Fall 2013)

Another Pair of HandsRole/Reboot (online, Fall 2013)


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