Frida Kahlo, My Sister




In Frida Kahlo, My Sister, Robin Silbergleid offers an unflinching look at the body broken, the body held together, the body taken apart.   In poems haunted by Frida Kahlo, in poems that take the form of diaries, letters, self-portraits, photographs, even a mix tape, Silbergleid reveals the grief of miscarriage, the complexity of mental illness, and locates the female body at the center of this collection. Mother, daughter, sister—this book tells the story of every woman who will leave “pieces of herself behind.” This is a beautiful and necessary book.

–Nicole Cooley, author of Breach

Frida Kahlo’s agonizing self-portrait of her miscarriage in the Detroit Hospital is the central motif in Robin Silbergleid’s powerful sequence of poems about herself and her own younger sister.  Kahlo’s images of dolls, jars, corsets, wombs, fetuses, and blood—fragmented, mirrored, repeated inherited, universal—are gathered and pinned into glittering lines.  Silbergleid collects the broken pieces, and, like Kahlo, makes stunning art.

–Maura Stanton, author of Immortal Sofa

Available now from Finishing Line Press.


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